GTS 2017 Camper Slots still available for a once a year opportunity

Jun 04, 2017

GTS camps are a once in a lifetime experience. Why? Here's some facts about our program...

New GTS STEM Camp Photo Gallery!

Feb 04, 2017

We are very excited to annouce that we've added our new GTS Camp Photo Gallery so that prospective campers and parents can get a glimpse of some of the fun activities that campers do at GTS.

Goals and Vision

Originally formed by a group of local teachers who helped create, fund, design and build the LEED Platinum certified Environmental Education Center at the Brightwater wastewater treatment facility.  Friends now develops and provides cutting edge STEM environmental services and programs to the community.

Our vision is to provide programs that help citizens balance their personal wants with our growing community's need to have a healthy, sustainable environment.