Regional School District

Brightwater Center is ideally....

.... located for delivering environmental education programs to the K-12 community as well as the citizens of the neighboring cities.  That's one of the reasons why Friends were such strong supportors of building an Environmental Center at this site.  Now the Center is built, the Friends continue their strong commitment by helping develop and deliver student and citizen environmental programs on site, for outreach and for webreach.  The Center's 72 acre grounds are ideal for delivering multiple messages about the environment and for passive recreation by local residents.

The Center is designed for multiple use, hosting everything from environmental programs, community meetings, to banquets and weddings.

As can be seen in the regional school district map below, there are over 145,000 K-12 students within 15 miles of the site.  In addion, there are 9 growing cities within the same area.  Alos the University of Washington Bothell campus and Cascadia College are 6 miles via SR522 away from the site.