Energy Technology Demonstration Facility (ETDF)

Friends of the Hidden River - Executive Summary - Energy Test Demonstration Facility


The Energy Test Development Facility, was planned and designed by Friends, King County and CH2MHill to test and develop cutting edge energy devices.  It is planned to be colocated at Brightwater Treatment Plant.  This design offers a versatile platform for testing energy devices. The ETDF:

  • Cost effective testing platform for researchers and manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest
  • Can test a wide variety of experimental, pre-commercial & commercially ready equipment using methane gas from the wastewater treatment plant as fuel.
  • Will draw existing and emerging energy technology companies to our area
  • Provides an arena for methane research and energy innovation
  • Coupled with educational institutions, ETDF can help train interns for industry jobs.
  • Project will be coupled with exhibits at Center designed to speed citizen adoption of new technologies that help our area achieve energy sustainability.

ETDF devices and results will be displayed to students and the general public to:

  • Increase demand for energy efficient products
  • Provide additional economic development to the region.
  • Explore Energy Sustainability themes & associated topics
  • Locating the test bed at Brightwater will also allow citizens and student interns to have a hands-on experience unlike any other planned for our area.

The ETDF is designed as a platform for research, parallel testing & to demonstrate different types of clean energy technologies such as:

  • Biogas reformers, digester gas processing
  • Electrical and thermal generation devices
  • Electrical & thermal storage systems.
  • Electrical & thermal monitoring systems

Project Funding & Status

Friends of the Hidden River, a 501(c)(3) non profit, working with King County secured a total of $260K and completed the electrical interconnection design in June 2010.

  • Test Bed is completely designed
  • Key ETDF utility pathways are constructed into the Brightwater Treatment Plant to minimize costs in final ETDF construction.
  • Construction cost is presently estimated at $1.85M.
  • Once funded can be built at any time permits can be secured.

Potential Funding Sources for Construction:

  • DOE
  • EDA
  • Snohomish-PUD
  • Puget Sound Energy
  • Corporate sponsors

Present Project Goals

  1. Continue WSU, King County & Friends (and others as appropriate) to define/clarify roles and responsibilities
  2. Secure funds to develop ETDF management & operations processes -
  3. Potential operators WSU or corporate sponsor
  4. Identify and secure construction funding dollars
  5. Complete construction as soon as possible, avoiding potential cost escalation.
  6. Provide a ‘how-to’ template for organizations wanting to incorporate certain pieces of equipment into their own infrastructure

King County: David Van Holde, John Komorita, John Smyth, Bob Bucher
Friends: Chuck Collins, Marie Hartford, John Schmied