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GTS STEM Environmental Challenge Camp

Welcome to the GTS STEM camp photo album!

From time to time Friends staff will post images of our campers and staff showing some of the fun and exciting things we do in GTS STEM Camp.

There are wide variety of activities packed into one week of the Environmental Challenge camp.  So campers have to be ready to have fun in nature, make friends quickly and learn to work together learning about nature and science.  This is a camp like no other.  We hope this photo album will help you understand some of the experiences campers may have before they come to came.  If you are a camper, you may someday see your photo featured of the album!

Our first year campers experience the core camp curriculum.  Returning campers hone their skills during the morning activities and help new campers on their team build their knowledge, skills and abilities.  In the afternoon on Tues - Thurs returning campers have a separate set of challenges to meet.  We constantly strive to hone our processes and develop new and exciting experiences for all levels of campers.

In case you are interested about our goals and objectives.  Our goal is to provide a fun, educational, teaming experience centered around nature.  Our model blends nature, science and technology and has proven to work exceedly well to meet and exceed the appropriate National Science Standards (NGSS) throughout the past five years. 

Enjoy your visit!

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