Join Friends--We need your support!

When you join the Friends of the Hidden River, you will support us in our efforts to:

  • Leave no child left inside.
  • Ground young citizens in the goods & services it takes to keep our community healthy.
  • Promote sustainable practices.
  • Organize effective citizen action for a healthy Pugent Sound.
  • Expand clean water practices.
  • Help ensure a clean energy future.

Friends delivers more per dollar in projects than major non profits in our region. That’s because we have a low overhead and a very dedicated, cost conscious, staff.

We work with school districts, community and environmental education organizations as well as government agencies to provide dynamic experiences that will help train leaders of today and tomorrow to become effective stewards of our environment.

Select your membership level:

$20.00 Individual  •    $35.00 Family  •  $50.00 Professional  •    $100.00 and over Friends Champion