Goals and Vision Statement


A group of local environmentally aware educators, formerly called the Brightwater Teacher Task Force, developed the Friends of the Hidden River, a 501(c)(3) non profit.  The group's initial goal was to create an effective Community Environmental Education Center to be co located at the proposed Brightwater wastewater treatment facility. The team's study concluded that the Center would fulfill three sometimes competing needs.

  • First, there is a need to site a major capital improvement project, the Brightwater wastewater facility.
  • Second, it fulfills the need for a community center for local gatherings.
  • Finally, there is a need for a regional environmental education facility that will help the community learn to balance the needs of our environment with the wants of its people.

The task force investigated how to craft the educational programs, grounds, and facilities in order to achieve maximum benefit for the citizens and students of the local community. Here is a brief summary of their goals and objectives:

Friends of the Hidden River Vision

Our vision is to provide programs that help citizens balance their personal wants with our growing community's need to have a healthy, sustainable environment

Friends  develops and provides cutting edge STEM environmental services and programs to the community. 

Friends also provides insight, assistance and ideas to the Brightwater Center Advisory Team with the goal to enhance the Center's footprint in our community.

Overriding Objective:

  • To grow a national model Environmental Center in which citizens can learn to balance their desires with the region's need to have a healthy, sustainable community.