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Russell Family Foundation Awards FOTHR $10K for pilot summer program!!

Today the Russell Family Foundation announced that the Friends of the Hidden River would be receiving a $10,000 grant that will be used to create a one week pilot STEM summer program at the Brightwater Environmental Education and Community Center. 

The Friends intend to partner with NatureVision, King County, UW Bothell, and other organizations to develop and deliver a one week Science, Technology and Math oriented summer pilot program for middle and high school students in the area.  This program will be focused in getting kids to work and study natural processes.  The ultimate goals of this program are two fold. 

  • First, to have students link how their personal desires can effect our long term community's health. 
  • Second to get students interested in the prospect of getting jobs in the Science, Technology and Math fields

Marie Hartford, Project Manager for Friends of the Hidden River said, "This grant represents our first grant for operations work and we'd really like to thank the folks at the Russell Foundation for their vision and support of our work.  This means a lot to us and we really appreciate your work in the Puget Sound community."

Added on 06/10/2011

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