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Northshore Scholarship Foundation grants $750 to support needy GTS 2013 Campers

The Northshore Scholarship Foundation just announced a grant of $750 to the Friends of the Hidden River to help support needy students who would like to be GTS 2013 STEM Environmental Challenge Campers....   See GTS2013 STEM Camp Information here

These funds are coming from NSF's Betsey Advocacy fund.  The fund was established through donations from Woodinville Rotary Club, the Hughes family and memorial contributions made through the National Alliance on Mental Illness. A $1,500 grant was  divided between the Friends of the Hidden River and 21 Acres for summer “youth camperships” in environmental education at Brightwater and for sustainable living projects at 21 Acres in Woodinville, WA.

Friends President Aaron Feik upon notification of this grant said,"We are extremely gratefully to the Northshore Scholarship Foundation, the Betsy Advocacy Fund, NAMI, our friends at the Woodinville Rotary and the Hughes Family for this great honor.  They can be assured that these funds will be put to good use.  In fact, we've already awarded two scholarships to deserving students with part of these funds."

Added on 05/29/2013

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