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GTS2020 Registration is now open

GTS Camp is a chance to do something different, meet new people and have fun in nature!

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The Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Challenge camp now accepting registrations for this year's camp!  GTS Camp this year will be at Brightwater Center from July 6th through July 10th from 8:30AM to 4:00PM.  Tuition this year remains at $310.00 for first time campers. A limited amount of Scholarships are available.


Are you an incoming 5th through 9th grader who is really interested in studying our environment in a fun, exciting camp with STEM activities about water, macovertebrates, forest, soil ecology, and energy?  If so, this camp is really built for you!  


Some basic facts about GTS:                                                        

We at Friends of the Hidden River only hold GTS STEM Camp once a year for one week. We are not interested in production, only quality.  Each year our Director gathers five experienced science & CTE teachers together to lead our camp.  Each staff member has volunteered to give up a little part of their summer break to teach at GTS.  Thus all want to make GTS a fun learning experience for everyone.


Did you know that GTS is more than an STEM or an Environmental Camp? 

Its a Leadership Camp!  Besides gathering a talented fun loving group of Environmental Educators who are also experienced certificated educators, every year we select 6 - 9 Mentors and Interns to be on staff.  Most of these staff members have been through GTS before.  They work together to help us teach our camp and make it fun for campers.  Our experienced Mentors lead their own team of Campers, all are trained to practice basic principles of leadership and build experience in STEM and learning about the environment while doing so. 


How do we know our camp is doing so well?

We have many other professionals and parent come in to observe who say that our campers are really interested, are in placed in situations where they really can have fun and are learning about the Environment and STEM.  Another way we know our program excells is in our high return rate.  Our last 4 Interns have come back to work in GTS program for over 6 years, while most Mentors have been in the GTS program for 2 - 5 years, starting off as Campers!  Each year we have Campers come back to participate in GTS over and over.  Last year well more than 1/3 of our student participants had already been through the GTS experience at least one time!

Incidently, three of our past Interns have come back to be part of our Senior Staff.  Two of these graduated college as Environmental Engineers!  Another is now a Senior in college, Majoring in Chemistry who served as Assistant Director in GTS2019. 


How do I register my student? 

Campers - Click here to Register Now

Mentors and Intern applicants are required to submit an Mentor/Intern Application first and be selected by our Director for one of these positions.  (Due to the leadership qualities and skills we look at prior GTS experience as a plus.)


What If I want to see more information about GTS?

Go to our GTS Camp page for more information.

Go to our GTS Major Project page which has student, parent and teacher insights

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