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GTS2018 - Some basic facts - Once a year for only one week!

GTS is a chance to do something different, meet new people and have fun in nature!

Some basic facts about our camp:

We at Friends of the Hidden River only hold GTS STEM Camp once a year for one week. We gather five experienced science & math teachers together to help lead our camp!  Each staff members have given up part of their summer to teach at camp, so they want to make it a fun learning experience.

Did you know that GTS is more than an STEM or an Environmental Camp? 

Its a Leadership Camp!  Every year we take 6 - 9 Mentors and Interns on staff.  Each junior staff member helps us teach the camp.  Experienced Mentors lead their own team of Campers, all practice basic principles of leadership and build experience by doing. 

The way we know our program excells is in our return rate.  Our last 3 Interns have come back to work in GTS program for over 5 years, while most Mentors have been in the GTS program for 2 - 4 years, starting off as Campers!  Each year we have Campers come back to do GTS over.

Incidently, three of our past Interns have come back as Senior Staff.  Two of these graduated college and are now Environmental Engineers!  The other is now a Junior in college, Majoring in Chemistry.

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