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Camper Registration for GTS 2016 is now open!

Register for an awesome adventure! The 2016 Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Summer Camp is now open!

Up for a Challenge? This year's Ground to Sound program will be from June 27 - July 1st at Brightwater Center near Woodinville, WA.   The one day Mentor/Intern training will be held in the week preceding.

GTS Summer Camp Preview video

Description: Campers entering 5th - 7th grade will conduct field studies to learn how saving Puget Sound starts right here in our own backyard! Explore the woods, waters and trails in the beautiful North 40 at the Brightwater Environmental Center, near Woodinville, WA, while working with your team to learn about our natural environment.

GTS 2016 Campers Registration Form  

Each team will use their skills and abilities to learn more about the natural world. Each person is a vital team member, helping the group have fun while achieving their goals.

Like all scientists, we’ll get dirty, use all kinds of cutting edge technical equipment (Vernier probes, IPads, Stereoscopes, video cams etc), do simulations with different materials each day to make learning fun. In addition to challenges, you'll be working together to understand how systems can work together to help create a more sustainable world.

Sponsored by The Friends of the Hidden River, this science based STEM camp uses a place-based experiential approach to learning. Campers will learn how to work together from one challenge to another using their knowledge and teamwork skills to meet each challenge. The goal is to become Stewards of the Sound through positive action for our local community.

Tuition is $280 for the five day program for campers.  We do have Scholarships for families who need help with tuition. 

Hours are 8:30 to 4:00.           Camp location: Brightwater Center, Woodinville, WA.

Would you like further information about our camp?
Send an email to our GTS Registrar  Marie Hartford at
for information on the camp or scholarships.  Or, if you're ready to sign up now, please register on the online registration link

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