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GTS 2017 Camper Slots still available for a once a year opportunity

GTS camps are a once in a lifetime experience and you really get your money's worth by sending your student to our camp. 

Here's some facts about our program. 

We limit our campers to no more than 18.  Campers are taught by 5 certified teacher naturalists onboard with Science, Career & Tech, and Math endorsements who love to teach in nature.  That's 3.5 campers to 1 staff ratio!  This is unheard of in any teaching setting at this age level!   Our staff includes teachers who are national, state, county and local environmental award winners too. 

Peer Support: In addition we have peer support for all campers. This year we have 2 Interns who have been in the GTS program for at least 3 years.  In addition, we usually have at least 5 Mentors, many returning for their 3rd year in the GTS program.  

Why do all get together to do this camp when we could be on vacation all summer?  It is simply because we love to have fun with students in nature.  Also, we have developed a series of  environmental and STEM activities that highlight key principles  of our environment, of science, and of technology in our community that we really love to share.   Finally we love to teach others outside of the regimented, confines of our classrooms.  This is our chance to have fun doing things we love!

So we invite you to try us out and have a week of summer fun!

Added on 06/04/2017

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