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Intern and Mentor positions are filled. Campers are being Waitlisted

GTS2018 Intern, Mentor and Camper Status: Intern and Mentor positions are all filled. We are Waitlisting all Camper registrations. Please call our Registrar to check status of camper slots.
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GTS2018 - Some basic facts - Once a year for only one week!

We at Friends of the Hidden River only hold GTS STEM Camp once a year for only one week. We gather five experienced science & math teachers together to lead our camp! Its a fun, exciting experience at beautiful Brightwater Center!
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Update: Still a couple camper slots left! GTS Intern, Mentor Status

There are now 2 camper slots available as well as 2 camper waiting list slots. All GTS Intern and Mentor positions are full.
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See the GTS STEM Camp Photo Gallery!

Please visit our new GTS Camp Photo Gallery to see some of the fun activities that campers do at GTS!

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Friends at Brightwater Center World Water Monitoring Day!

The Friends staff will be presenting a fun hands on exploratory lab Sat March 26th from 10 - 1pm at Brightwater Center in honor of World Water Monitoring Days!
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GTS2016 Summer Camp Applications open for Interns & Mentors now! Campers on 1/23/16.

Welcome, Intern and Mentor applications for this summers Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Challenge camp are now open! Registrations for GTS2016 campers will be open on Saturday 23, 2016.
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This year's GTS 2015 STEM Environmental Challenge Camp is completely full.

John Schmied

Thank you for checking in on this year's Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Challenge program. All Registrations for the 2015 Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Challenge Camp and the Wait List are full as of April 8th at 8PM! Please keep us in mind fo...

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Northshore Scholarship Foundation grants $750 to support needy GTS 2013 Campers

The Northshore Scholarship Foundation has announced that it has granted the Friends of the Hidden River $750 to help support needy students who would like to be GTS 2013 STEM Environmental Challenge Campers....
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Friends of the Hidden River John Schmied receives WA State E3 Green Apple!

Friends of the Hidden River's John Schmied receives the Washington State E3 Green Apple! It was announced today that Friends Strategic Planner will be the 2013 E3 Washington Green Apple Award winner for the Formal Educator (6-8) category.

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GTS 2012 A Great Success!

The Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Challenge summer camp was a great success. All goals were accomplished with a total of 32 campers, mentors, interns and staff! Our campers were extremely enthusiastic about being able to work in nature learning abo...
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