Friends at Brightwater Center World Water Monitoring Day!

Mar 19, 2016

The Friends staff will be presenting a fun hands on exploratory lab Sat March 26th from 10 - 1pm at Brightwater Center in honor of World Water Monitoring Days!

Camper Registration for GTS 2016 is now open!

Jan 23, 2016

Register for an awesome adventure! The 2016 Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Summer Camp is now open! Up for a Challenge? This year's Ground to Sound program will be from June 27 - July 1st at Brightwater Center near Woodinville, WA. The one day Mentor/Intern training will be held in the week preceding...

Goals and Vision

Originally formed by a group of local teachers who helped create, fund, design and build the LEED Platinum certified Environmental Education Center at the Brightwater wastewater treatment facility.  Friends now develops and provides cutting edge STEM environmental services and programs to the community.

Our vision is to provide programs that help citizens balance their personal wants with our growing community's need to have a healthy, sustainable environment.