Intern and Mentor positions are filled. Campers are being Waitlisted

Jun 08, 2018

GTS2018 Intern, Mentor and Camper Status: Intern and Mentor positions are all filled. We are Waitlisting all Camper registrations. Please call our Registrar to check status of camper slots.

GTS2018 - Some basic facts - Once a year for only one week!

May 23, 2018

We at Friends of the Hidden River only hold GTS STEM Camp once a year for only one week. We gather five experienced science & math teachers together to lead our camp! Its a fun, exciting experience at beautiful Brightwater Center!

Goals and Vision

Originally formed by a group of local teachers who helped create, fund, design and build the LEED Platinum certified Environmental Education Center at the Brightwater wastewater treatment facility.  Friends now develops and provides cutting edge STEM environmental services and programs to the community.

Our vision is to provide programs that help citizens balance their personal wants with our growing community's need to have a healthy, sustainable environment.